Tenets of Search Engine Optimization from leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu search engines are continuously changing, making it one of the most competitive areas in today’s digital landscape. Despite huge investments in SEO campaigns, several websites continue to struggle in finding an effective SEO strategy, to improve their organic visibility in leading search engines.

At C3 DOCS®, we have a team of expert SEO strategists who combine their years of expertise with our cost-effective SEO solutions in creating a strategized plan that drives relevant traffic to your business domain.


With years of expertise from leading successful SEO campaigns for local, national and international clients, C3 DOCS®’s SEO strategists will resourcefully work with you to ensure that your SEO campaign objectives are achieved.

At C3 DOCS®, our result-driven experts understand the flaws of certain websites and intricacies clients face when trying to balance their brand content and site online presence with SEO visibility and address this issues by delivering a best-case scenario SEO model that converts.


Technical Audit & Optimization

C3 DOCS® Technical Audit strategies are developed to ensure that your SEO campaign follows the best practices that are in sync with the ever-evolving search engines algorithms. Our Audit tool helps you detect all the weak links in your web pages and delivers effective plans to ensure that they are appropriately addressed in a timely manner.

C3 DOCS® SEO Audit Tool crawls every webpage on your website and optimizes each image alt tags, page titles, and meta descriptions, that leading search engines use to distinguish your websites.

Backlink Building

We provide clients with an in-depth analytic backlink strategy that drives relevant traffic and domain authority to digital marketing campaigns. Our SEO experts will develop and optimize clean internal and external backlinks to improve your overall domain authority and search engine ranking.

Content Optimization & Keyword Analysis

C3 DOCS® SEO strategists understand the psychology of connected users and will resourcefully use this in optimizing and creating contents that convert.

We perform an in-depth keyword analysis based on your marketing niche and implement this in developing targeted keyword-rich contents that will rank on search engines and be easily visible by your target audience.