Entrust Your Marketing Campaign to our Renowned SEO Agency

Whether you’re a local, national or international business, we, at C3 DOCS®, have a diverse range of compact SEO solutions to help you reach your target audience and meet your marketing objectives. C3 DOCS®’s vastly experienced and skilled experts, will work closely with you to ultimately ensure that your digital marketing campaign is dominating leading search engines, thereby giving you the utmost attainable ROI.

For over a decade, our leadership and commitment towards excellence in our field has not gone unnoticed, as we have received multiple SEO awards, due to quite a lot of impressive results, we have attained for every company we have managed.

So what are we offering?

At C3 DOCS®, we take pride in utilizing our exclusive digital marketing tools in providing you with the best of service features, that helps to get your business noticed.

SEO Consultancy

Enhance your website ranking with C3 DOCS®’s compact range of SEO services.
C3 DOCS®’S inclusive range of cost-effective SEO strategies, are expertly designed around building an active online presence for our clients.

We focus on technical SEO rudiments such as user-friendly experience, keyword analysis, targeted backlink creation, and more, with the main aim of improving their overall ranking, conversion and online web pages.

Content Marketing

Fuel your digital marketing with C3 DOCS®’S compelling and authentic content marketing services.

Our content marketing experts are proficient at developing dynamic content strategies that follow the latest best practices, to ensure that your target audiences spend more time on your web pages, thereby turning visitors into customers.

Keyword Research

When we take on a project, we maintain that a rock-solid Keyword Research is fundamental for an effective SEO strategy. Without an in-depth outline of well-researched keywords, you cannot dominate search engines and outrank competitors.

C3 DOCS®’s Keyword Research specialists understand the psychology of connected users and will introduce and regularly update reflective keywords that will ensure your web domain is not isolated in search engine results.

The Story of C3 DOCS®

For over a decade, we’ve creatively partnered with clients to deliver customized digital marketing services that achieve great results.


A Brief History
The team’s constant track record of success, results in the inception of C3 DOCS®


Not long after our creation, we move to our first office at the Uppal Industrial area Regus International.


C3 DOCS® personnel grows to 8, ensuring the best blend of expertise and experience to meet the requirements of new clients.


An Award-Winning Creation
With increased client, especially (AP Police) growth and partnership, ideas are shared and our team strengthens.


Expansion & Awards
Initially numbering just 8 qualified experts, C3 DOCS® has grown steadily with nearly 20 highly-skilled experts