Critical Technologies That Are Expected To Trend In The Future

While the debate about whether the use of various technologies serve to enhance the condition of humans or aggravates it still rages on, the importance of their uses cannot be overstated here. We see the innovation and application of various technologies every day in various sectors of the economy to greatly improvehow the sectors operate.

Some of the common industries adopting the use of various technologies include Health Care, Manufacturing, Research, Education, Banking, and E-Commerce. One thing that must be noted is that each industry has special characteristics and therefore the solutions provided by the various technologies should serve to meet the specific needs of the industry. Consequently, here are some of the top technologies that are trending.


Use of Face Detecting Systems

The use of facial recognition to improve security has been in use for decades but it is when increasingly it is being employed in financial transactions. One mobile payment app known as Alipay used in China requires the use of your face only as identifications. It is estimated that over 120 million people use the mobile payment app.

Another well-known Chinese company called Baidu has also been on the market inproducing face-detecting software. Baidu is a search engine that is popular inChina.

The use of face detecting systems is not only being employed in financial transactions but also in providing access to restaurants, shops, and apartment complexes among other places.


Commercial Use of Drones

While the use of drones is more synonymous with military activities, increasingly the use of these unmanned vehicles (UVs) is being exploited for commercial purposes.

One of those possible uses is the use of drones for delivering products purchased in onlinestores. Delivery of products purchased in online marketplaces has always been a hindrance to online shopping because it is not always convenient. Deliverycompanies have also tried to make delivery more convenient but that has not been realized hence the possible use of drones is being tested. Drones also have their own limitations even if it is still in the testing process astheir uses are impeded by regulators among other factors.

Drones can alsobe used for inspecting infrastructure, enhanced monitoring of possible criminal activities and for inspecting crops, provide an aboveground view of the crops, among other uses.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) in simplest of terms refers to the composition of various things including cars or smartphones, buildings and homes that are connectedtothe internet.

The tools designed will enable you to be able to control virtually everything through just simple taps and clicks, as everything is in-sync. That would be extremely convenient for you and your business.

The IoT has been used in making a number of products including for home and business security and smoke alarms. When you use sensors and cameras that are linked to a control hub and then you have an app on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to monitor the security of your business or home at a relatively low cost.


Use of Mobile Applications (apps)

The uses of mobile applications are increasingly being adopted by companies to improve employee productivity and to enhance the convenience of the customer.

One establishedcompany that has employed the use of themobileapplication is the Safeco auto insurance. Through its app, customers are ableto report any vehicle accident that has happened. You will be able to do thatby submitting photos of the accident, reporting the details of the accident andarranging for the vehicle to be towed.

One startupbusiness that has also successfully used mobile application is the BoosterFuels. Sometimes going to the gas station may inconvenience you especially ifyou donot have the time to do that. Through the Booster app, you can order fueland it will be brought to you where you are.


Big Data

This is one ofthe very many technologies available in the market. The technology allows anumber of people to be able to analyze thehugeamount of information thatcomesfromdifferent sources in numerous ways that were essentially not possible before. Thedata collected may include customer behavior patterns and particular areademographics.

While the use ofbig data technology was mainly initially limited to big companies, mid-sizedcompanies and even the ones that are smaller in size are able to use thetechnology. The strategic benefits presented by big data analytics includeincreasing deals, helping in entering new markets, personalizing the products tocustomers and finding various ways of reducing business costs.


Use of Advanced Robotics

The use ofadvanced robotics at the present is not limited only in the factories. Forexample,robotic bellhops are being used by a hotel chain known as Aloft fordelivering keys, extra towels and whatever else that may be needed in guestrooms.

For thoseconcerned about the possibility of advanced robotics substituting labor force,in most cases it will be hard to replace humans. Advanced robotics will mainlybe involved in carrying out activities that are repetitive in nature, laboriousand tasks that are highly risky. Therefore, it is no longer a question ofwhether robotics will be used but when and where they will be used.


Virtual Reality

This computertechnology employs the use of special headsets or environments that aremulti-projected, sometimes combining physical environment, for the purpose ofproducing images and sounds including other sensations that are realistic.

The use of VRheadsets is employed by a popular tour operator in Europe called Thomas Cook.Customers are able to be shown how beingoncertain vacations would ideally feel.

Another companythat uses VR is North Face and it is able to give you the feelings orsensations associated with the Yosemite wilds including jagged mountains andwild animals in retail stores.

Additionally,businesses are also using virtual reality for the purpose of lowering thetraining cost.


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